What’s happening in Abu Dhabi?

The more recent escapades of the Goans ‘in-the-know’ is the patient and back-breaking job of collecting ’tisreo’. Patient because most times I have gone (ignorance isn’t bliss!) the time was either high or too low. And back-breaking because I have this chronic back problem that makes picking ’tisreo’ an effort, but eating them more of a pleasure. You will agree with me that it’s easier to bend over and pick dainty morsels froma  plate then to pick full cockles from the seabed… that too standing waist deep in water.

But fun it is! And I’ll willingly give up a few more lethargic mornings from my comfortable TV-watching couch and feel the saline breeze bite into the skin…. seemingly sayin…. Utt Goenkara!


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