Santini’s at Cascais


Santini’s Gelatos – Melting your heart away

The Portuguese and those who visit Portugal will all agree with me when  I say that Santini’s gelatos are the best ice cream inthe world. For over 60 years, since Italian immigrant Attilio Santini began producing ice creams by hands in his little shop on the beach of Tamariz, every true-blooded ice cream will swear that there is nothing better. No wonder then that the shop in Cascais have grown in popularity, serving not just the sun worshipers who throng to the beach in the summer, but generations of royalty who made this resort town their home, and hundreds on visiting dignitaries who hear the murmurs of this unbelievable delectable ice, even in the corridors of power.

The ice cream is simply superb. It has an amazing texture and the flavours are intense.

If you are there in the morning, be prepared to wait your turn, but  every lick makes it worth the while. Evenings are relatively quieter, but since we had just finished with lunch, we couldn’t find the space to tuck in more than two flavors. But then, we were four, and each picked different flavors so we had a choice of eight. Slurrp!

The gelato is not on display like most gelatarias, but kept in tubs with lids, so you select your flavours from the menu. I got a medium with 2 flavours – hazelnut and pistachio. Absolutely delicious.

The shop is very stylish in retro red and white leather seats with charming photos of the little shops feats and history adorning the walls. Even today, Santini’s produces the same quality of gelatos using their secret recipe – 100% natural with no additives. The flavors are many, all tempting, but unfortunately our capacity to eat, but limited to a few for that one memorable visit.


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