From iPod to uni-Pod and mono-Pod

Somewhere during the last photography escapade, an ‘esteemed’ photographer friend and me realised that there seemed to be an extra twitch when plunging the trigger resulting in the ‘obvious’ loss of image quality. And if you have not understood that technical jargon, it simply means that our hands were a wee bit more shakier than normal and certainly not good when shooting with zoom lenses.

No excuse! External support had to be called in. Portugal and Spain beckoned and it was the right time to get me an Unipod.

No, that has nothing to do with the iPod I began with. The unipod or monopod allows a camera to be held steadier, allowing the a jittery photographer (not me!) to take sharp pictures at slower shutter speeds and/or with longer focal length lenses. Great solution and perfect pictures. What else could I ask for?

So after much searching and re-searching and browsing and re-searching, I found a wonderful piece from Benro at a wonderfully high price. But money wasn’t the issue – picture quality was!

Unfortunately, despite putting our minds together and after trying every possible permutation and combination, it seemed strange that we could not get the silly pod fixed somewhere on the all purpose Benro photographers backpack.

And so it came to pass that the unipod became an additional piece of luggage as we took in the sights of Portugal and shot many a good view (my pictures will vouch for that), until…

We forgot it on the train to Porto!

And hopefully, it will live happily ever after (if some lucky photographer found it) or serve to steady the walk of someone who needed to be supported a little more than me at this time. My son tried to find it, and so did the kind lady at the hotel in Porto, but to no avail.

We missed one place though – the Feira da Ladra or Lisbon’s famed flea market. Maybe, just maybe, I could have gone down to the Alfama and found myself a better piece.

If you ever find an uni-Pod all on its own, a lost soul looking lost, looking for someone to lean on… you know where to find me.

Postscript: I’ll certainly not post all the pictures from the later part of the trip! It was only on the way back home that we found how to fix the unipod on the bag. Benro thinks of everything!


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