Nothing but the Atlantic

I wonder what Vasco da Gama must have said when he looked out at the vast expanse of the Atlantic ahead of him. I certainly know what the great Portuguese poet Luis de Camoes has said though… because it is inscribed on stone, at Cabo de Roca – the westernmost extent of mainland Portugal and Continental Europe:

 Aqui, onde a terra se acaba e o mar começa…

Where the land ends and the sea begins, and there is nothing more that meets the eye as far as you can see. Sometimes very windy, but the stunning views of the vast ocean, the imposing cliffs and the tumultuous sea hundreds of feet below, make it an experience that cannot be missed.

For me it was just another reminder, that ahead of me lies the vast ocean of life, still unexplored; new lands that are yet to be visited and the splendours of this wonderful earth that must be experienced. And certainly the temptation, to see (to sea) how the Atlantic would look from the other side. I think that would be Cape St. Charles, Newfoundland and Labrador, Canada. So Canada, you are next on my list, for if Vasco da Gama had a dream and made it a reality, with little help at hand… flying across wouldn’t be that difficult.

Cabo da Roca is  the usual stop after Sintra if you are heading to Cascais. That would get you there around lunch… unless you can stall for a while – the sunsets must be breathtaking!

The walk along the cliff edge is really worth it, but I would warn against stepping over the fence to get a little closer to the edge. The sheer drop is frightening!


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