A Portuguese Evening

One of the best things about Portugal is certainly its food. And that was something each of us enjoyed during our stay. From starters to soups, salads, main courses and deserts, wines and liqueurs, Portugal has some of the best. But what tops it all is the famed ‘bacalhau’ – and the more than 1001 ways in which the Portuguese claim they can prepare this salted cod.

What better way to celebrate our Portugal experience than to put together a truly ‘authentic’ Portuguese evening. So we got to work – browsing the web for some good recipes, shopping for some ingredients that were difficult to find (off course, we had brought back bacalhau with us), executing the cooking in a record time of four hours, laying out the table a la master chef and finally throwing in the add-ons like soft fados in the background, a calligraphy menu, a video display of pictures, and certainly, true Portuguese hospitality.

Take a look at our spread:

  • Pasteis de Bacalhau (fish cakes made from salted cod and a good bottle of Vinho Porto)
  • Sopa de Cenoura (a delectable carrot soup that made a great course)
  • Salada de Grao Rapida (a quick chickpea and tuna salad)
  • Peixe-Espada Estufado de Madeira (black scabbard stew but made with Nile perch)
  • Gambas Mozambique (shrimps Mozambique style laced with a generous mix of herbs)
  • Ananas con Vinho de Porto (fresh pineapple glazed with Port wine)
  • Ginja d’ Obidos (the unbelievable cherry liqueur from Obidos)

We were a little skeptical that we may not pull this off, especially considering the time frame, but everything was just right and I am certain that our creations could match master chef quality (thanks to http://www.portuguesecooking.com for the recipes).

It was a great evening… we loved putting it together. Viva Portugal.


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