And now…bus hosts

After returning from a quick trip to Dubai from Abu Dhabi, a colleague asked how much the trip had cost me. I made the trip by bus and in his opinion, had I been driving, with Dhs 50 I could top the car with fuel and still have some to spare after the trip… and no hassles of waiting for a bus or a cab. My problem is that I don’t drive, and the bus is my best bet.

And the best it certainly is!

The Dubai RTA has introduced a fantastic service in their buses making the inter-city trips. ‘Al Shamil’ has introduced the “World’s 1st In-Bus Trolley Catering Services” and if they keep up to the standard and service they maintain now, they have something really unique to offer bus travelers.

A smartly dressed host walks up and down the aisle offering a limited menu of snacks and beverages at reasonable prices, and then comes back with your order on a neat little ‘aircraft-style’ trolley complete with tea and coffee. The service is quick, and hygienic. What more could you ask for?

So take a cue if you want a comfortable ride, and don’t bother picking something to munch on from the local supermarket. This is better by far.

Give if it go and if you agree with me, say you like them  @


2 responses to “And now…bus hosts

  1. Only in the Emirates. Sometimes I miss living there. The best we have here at home is the Greyhound, where you’re always seated for 12 hours next to a smelly guy or someone so fat that only two seats can truly hold their girth. And of course, no trolley service.

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