Welcome 2013

It’s going be be really hot around the Burj Khalifa as more than a million revelers gather at Downtown Dubai to bring in the new year 2013 with a much anticipated fireworks display that will illuminate the night sky from iconic tower synchronized with live orchestral music from the Prague Philharmonic Orchestra. Live dance and artistic performances, including a video montage of UAE’s multicultural society, will enthrall audiences hours before midnight of January 1. In addition, the countdown will be telecast live to an estimated two billion viewers across the world.

For those willing to splash a little more than usual, get into the new year in the height of luxury in the world’s tallest building. The At.mosphere restaurant at the top of the Burj Khalifa is offering the best views of the fireworks display at Dh. 16,000 per person (which includes a seven-course meal).

Whatever the budget, across the world the new year parties have already begun with Kiritimati on Christmas Islands being the first to welcome in the New Year 2013. It is the one day that is celebrated by peoples almost all over the world, regardless of what beliefs they follow. The celebrations begin in the Far-east and follow the timeline as the day dawns progressively westwards. As the time travels, January 1 triggers non-stop revelry and celebrations as the world looks back on a year that has been (with thanks!) and looks forward to better times in the year ahead.

burjSo here is wishing everyone Health, Love, Joy, Peace and Prosperity in 2013…


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