Kösebası – go Turkish!

2 3 4Let’s go someplace new, said my wife when we suggested eating Turkish at Sofra Istanbul off 9th Street in Abu Dhabi. She was perhaps skeptical since we had had a disappointing visit just a day after the restaurant had opened, but we were hoping that they should have ironed out the creases by now. And then I remembered Wahda Mall with its many restaurants in the new wing. Stepping off the escalator we came face to face with Pepper Mill, but were not looking for something Indian. Right next door was Kosebasi – what a coincidence! It was going to be Turkish cuisine after all.

The spacious restaurant was rather busy even at the post-Iftar hour, but we were lucky to find a quiet table (not counting the noisy little baby at the next table) overlooking the Wahda Millennium. And once seated, the staff moved pretty quickly.

Kosebasi serves a wide range of Turkish Anatolian food, from salads to kebabs, and we were soon dipping into a delicious Toross Salata (finely chopped tomatoes, rocket leaves, parsley, onion flavored with mint, chili and pomegranate) with fresh and hot Turkish bread. And despite the fact that we had not ordered the mains at the start, they were quick to arrive at our table, and we thoroughly enjoyed the Kosebasi Kebap on our table.

We loved the Ispanakli Pide (a Turkish pizza somehow folded into a boat-like shape, and stuffed with sauteed spinach), Zeytinyagli Fasulye (sautéed green beans with fresh tomato and spices) as well as the Bulgar rice that came with the grills. My daughter and I remembered Ayran – a mint flavored buttermilk drink that is cooling and delicious, but the choices of fresh juices are as good. You won’t be disappointed with the food at Kosebasi, and at the speed it arrives you won’t be hungry either. We would have loved to try something else, but the Kunefe seemed promising and it certainly was!

A great evening (not to pricey) ended with some Turkish coffee and tea. We’ll certainly drop in again – soon!

Afiyet Olsun! Enjoy yourself at Kosebasi.


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