Tasting East Asia

Step into Cho Gao at the Crowne Plaza, Abu Dhabi on any day, and it is always bustling with activity. The buzz of conversations and warm atmosphere reminds you of a busy market place. I fact, Cho Gao means ‘rice market’ in Vietnamese, and this modern eatery does justice to its name, offering a rich variety of Asian, Dim Sum, Far Eastern, Indonesian, Thai and Vietnamese cuisine. This bar and lounge takes you on an adventurous culinary journey, and is a wonderful escape into the world of East Asian streets with its contrasting tastes and smells.
Whatever you choose, you can be assured that the dish set before you is almost flawless. We started with some Wasabi prawns and seafood tempura offering a heady combination of flavours and then moved onto some Singaporean beef Char Kway Teow, Thai yellow chicken curry with a side of jasmine rice . The myriad of flavours ensured that we had left nothing on the plates once we were done. I am quite sure that any dish individually would have a satisfying meal on its own and as much as we would have loved to try some dessert, no one at the table had the space for anything more!
Cho Gao is obviously a hot favourite amongst expatriates, as it offers a perfect blend of a modern bar and casual dining. The prices are never really high and the wide array of dishes makes a regular visit really worthwhile.
To top it all, we received a payback – Dhs. 125 worth of vouchers to spend at any Crowne Plaza outlet! Eating out couldn’t get any better.
Timings daily 12 pm to 1 am. For reservations (usually better to reserve a table) call 02 6166149.
cho gao


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