Shawerma ….with a twist!

In a narrow lane just off the Corniche at Khalidiya, Abu Dhabi, is perhaps one of the best shawerma spots in town. Styled as a fast food outlet, this eatery is buzzing almost any time of the day. And although it is located on a busy inner road, there is little to worry as take outs are quick.

IMG-20131014-01491 IMG-20131014-01495Shish Shawerma offers a wide choice of food from crepes, to shawerma sandwiches, salads, fresh juices and fruit salads, but what is really great is the fresh kaakeh – a Lebanese sesame covered pita bread. My friend’s young son was fascinated by the way the bread is baked right there in front of the customer. There’s nothing like the smell of freshly baked bread, and as the flattened dough emerges out of the oven all fluffy and piping hot, it certainly builds an appetite.
The same kaakeh, without the sesame seed, is used for the shawerma, and stuffed with the delicious meats, greens, pickles fries and sauces right in front of your eyes. And the packaging, unlike the conventional wraps, is trendy and inviting.

The costs are on the higher side, but for the quality and service, plus the size, it could be a meal in itself. The place with its modern interiors, has a particular vigor and energy about it and could rival some of the better known international fast food franchises in town.

Open from noon-1am, Behind Ali & Sons Co., Khalidiya. Tel: 02 650 5576


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