P.F. Chang’s – a sumptuous experience

Shanghai Cucumber and the Asian Pear MojitoIt was Thursday afternoon – a good time to eat out. We headed for the World Trade Centre, Abu Dhabi and after a little discussion and some walking around decided to try P.F Changs. The trademark horses standing at the entrance are imposing but seem to hide a large interior that is comfortable, cosy and trendy.  It was not quite – it was buzzing and a little noisy, but we were seated rather quickly and it didn’t take long to get our drinks – a home made Ginger Beer and a Asian Pear Mojito.


Dynamite Shrimp and Scallops


The service was exceptionally good and quick, and at the servers suggestion, we opted to mix our Dynamite Shrimps with Scallops. Mixing in the sauces, he explained the purpose of each ingredient (a personal touch I appreciated), and certainly the spicy zingy taste it left in my mouth.

We are salad crazy, but were taken aback when the huge platter of Shanghai Cucumber arrived on the table – enough as a small meal by itself.

Garlic Noodles


For main course, we chose Chengdu Spiced Lamb (which was exceptionally tender and juicy), Stir Fried Egg Plant and Garlic Noodles. The portions were really big for small eaters, but we dug in with a gusto and managed to do justice to part of the meal. It didn’t make sense asking for the desert menu (which we did!), as there no place for a desert after that sumptuous meal.


A sumptuous spread


I would say that P.F. Chang’s is real value for money @ approximately AED 200 for two persons and with the prompt and efficient service, is now rated fairly high in my dining out options.


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