The LONG and SHORT of it


There’s no better place than an “air-conditioned” bus shelter for one of those memorable morning moments that spillover from the mad world rushing past you to clock in on time at work.

This young man couldn’t have been more than fresh out of grad school all nifty in his black suit and dress shoes. The office dress code probably demanded a necktie and in a desperate attempt to save time, had left his tie for the road. And that was his first mistake – for whoever had tied the knot for him (as was obvious) had got the lengths all wrong.

I am not really a suit type, but I was taught the tip of the tie should extend to about your belt line. I am not sure if my father (who advised me so) was right, for I have recently I have seen a lot of people including “stars” wearing it much lower, and some others much higher! I mean, who was right? My father, or all these guys who seem so sloppily tied up?

Wait a minute. I seem to be drifting and let’s look at the young man’s predicament again.

Flustered and disappointed, he looked around at the only other sartorial male, and asked for help in re-tying his untied tie. And that was mistake No. 2. (He could have asked me. But then, I wasn’t that formally attired.)

And so he tried, and the length was wrong. And he tried again, and the tail was hanging behind. And he tried, and it reached his sternum, and he tried… and the bus arrived!

Back to my predicament – what is the right length? I am sure it should not pop out from under your jacket!!! You don’t want to look like an absolute clown, do you? It appears that there is a trick to reaching the right length on the first try every time. When you have your tie around your neck, untied, adjust the skinny end to rest somewhere between the 3rd and 4th button down (4th and 5th button if you count the very top neck button) and you certainly need to count! And so you tie and try to tie the tie right, and if you miss the getting the tie right, try to tie again and again. You will eventually get it right. (But then you might have changed your job by then and the dress code requires you to wear a uniform.)

But honestly, there are more than necessary sites on the web that teach you how to tie your necktie. So get on it and don’t leave it to a kindly soul who would care to miss his bus.



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