A View From the Sea


It’s about time I looked at the many exciting things to do in Abu Dhabi, and I have not done and would like to do again. For despite the modernity of the city, there is a lot that one can do other than being ‘malled’ and inadvertently turning yourself into a veritable shopaholic.

And so we decided to rent a boat at the marina off Marina Mall and do a sunset cruise along the Abu Dhabi Corniche. It’s really a wonderful experience presenting a sea view of the city and an opportunity to look at home from a different perspective. I’m not going to say it is serene – for it isn’t! The jet skiing boys make sure you can hear them even if you are miles away, but even that lends a little bit to the adrenalin rush as the boat gets tossed a bit in their wake.

I particularly loved watching the fishing boats being readied for the next trip out down by the Mina (right at the other end of there Corniche), but the smell of fish does get to you and its obvious that there needs to be something done about the trash being dumped into the sea. But the contrasts are unbelievable – luxury yachts and floating restaurants riding the waves along traditional fishing dhows and the smaller ocean going wells docked along the piers just as you turn to the open sea.

Our captain was gracious enough to stop at a great view point that offers a breathtaking view of the city, and let us capture some great images.

Due to some mis-communication, we ended up booking for just an hour – two hours lets you do a bit of island hopping and a chance to dive into the tempting waters of the Arabian Gulf.

Carry along some refreshments and get on board for a memorable Abu Dhabi experience.


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