Airport sleepovers

So what happens when your late evening flight is cancelled for whatever reason at a busy airport? Remember you have just got off another flight.. rushed to connect and the boards simply say ‘cancelled’. Well, you
FIRST: Hit the panic button, try calling a helpline and find your phone is dead.
SECOND: Begin a cat and mousr game trying to find a charging point which is conveniently hidden from your blurred vision.
THIRD: Find a friendly staffer who smiles and says… can I have your boarding pass and ID and effortlessly books you on a next morning flight.
FOURTH: You haggle for  hotel stay and eventually get a ‘distressed passenger’ discount voucher for some hotel. .
FIFTH: You rejoice and call or message everyone you know to say you are still among the living.
SIXTH: Hit the bar for a well deserved drink.. and hit the sack.
Don’t forget to set your alarm or you are in trouble again.
In case all that fails and you were at O’Hare Airport Chicago you could always sleep over. They even have camp cots for you.


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