Battle Creek – an arty airport

It’s not everyday that you walk into an airport and find two aircraft hanging over your head. Or step further in and look over some interesting paper mache art installations by Stephen Hansen. But then you are not expected to be flying into Battle Creek International Aiprort, Kalamazoo – Michigan, everyday.


The history of the airport goes back to late 1920’s when a modest airfield was named the Lindbergh Field in honor of the famous aviator, Charles Lindbergh. And over the years, as the demand for air travel grew, so did the airport with the more recent expansion being completed in 2011.





What impressed me was the arty approach to the whole interior – I was not expecting to see a big modern airport after the 20 minute odd hop from Chicago, but then again, I wasn’t expecting to see something this different.

So AZO did catch me by surprise and on the way out, I made it a point to take some pictures that sort of say it all.

And that’s just the main airport. The Kalamazoo Aviation History Museum, commonly referred to as the ‘Air Zoo’ has on display many historic aircraft, simulators, restaurant, and a 4-D theater. That’s an attraction I missed due to lack of time, and though I may not have the wings to fly into the Air Zoo when I please, it is marked on my list places that I must visit soon.


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