Eating Korea-way

My daughter had visited New Wonjo (New York) earlier and knowing that I love Korean food, insisted we go there. Located on West 32nd Street in the heart of the Korean district, this 24-hour restaurant is widely considered the best on the block. On a busy day (which I understand is everyday), one has to wait on the stairs for a table to fall free, but once seated, the service is relatively quick and efficient. There was a long line of people waiting up and down the stairs, and at the advice of the host, we chose to get entrees instead of the BBQ, as we were hungry and just wanted to eat.



To start with, there was plenty of kimchi and banchan – theseĀ side dishes are an essential part of any Korean meal and are usually served with soup and rice. And then, there was good soju to wash down the food!

We knew what we wanted so got Bulgoki Bibim Bop (Sliced Beef Rib Eye, Vegetables) and Seafood Bibim Bop (Mixed Seafood and Egg in Hot Pot ). Both the dishes were exceptionally good, and with the large portions, we really had no space for desert.

Incidentally, New Wonjo is the only place with a charcoal barbecue, which is the way it should be done, and is obviously a point in the restaurant’s favour.

It’s not the place for a quiet meal as the place tends to get crowded, but you are going there for the food, not to talk, aren’t you?


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