Miles and miles of books and books

I am a bookworm and proud of it – reading is a passion, and I would rather spend on a good book than on anything else. My daughter, as avid a reader as me, discovered The Strand Bookstore during one of her ‘explore New York’ escapades. And she made sure a visit to this bookstore was high on the list of places to see on my itinerary.

… and you could keep looking!

… and you could keep looking!

She spoke volumes of the volumes that The Strand has to offer, and though I had not paid much attention to her talk, on turning around at the corner at East 12th Street, it was love at first sight. I probably would have been stuck browsing through the outdoor bargain racks had it not been for the biting cold and my daughter dragging me to the indoors that had as much or more on offer. Never have I seen such a selection of books!!! And the collection of merchandise!!!

A shot glass with a good read

A shot glass with a good read

That's me

That’s me

Great bargains

Great bargains

Pin it!

Pin it!

The good thing about Strand’s is that the staff  there are extremely helpful and knowledgeable. The prices are extremely fair and there’s always great bargains including some books that are out of print. A must visit for any bibliophile wanting to make the best of New York City. Unfortunately, for someone with still a long way to travel, I had to limit my purchases.

The Rare Book section on the third floor is the place I loved the most and the staff really love those tomes and know their way through the shelves.

Now I really believe in their slogan “18 Miles of Books”.

The Strand Bookstore is located at 828 Broadway, at the corner of East 12th Street, just two blocks south of Union Square.


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