Bubbling for iced tea

I got hooked onto Bubble Tea during my vista to New York – its a drink our daughter swears by and I must say, it is a great choice. When I espied Bubble Station in Al Wahda Mall, I was glad this great refreshing drink has finally found its way here.

Bubble Tea is really iced tea with a dash of adventure.  So its basically different varieties of tea infused with flavors of your choice and topped with flavor-popping tapioca-pearls that explode in your mouth.  So what you need to do is go to a Bubble Station, choose your tea type (Jasmine Gree Tea, Assam Black Tea, Jasmine Green Milk Tea, Kadak Tea…) and then choose your flavour (mango, peach, lichee, passionfruit, blueberry,lemon, kiwi…) and then choose your bubbles.

The menu is helpful and suggests the best combies, though I have been stupid enough to try my own. Sounds complicated? You needn’t worry – the staff are very friendly and are laws offering samples to passers-by.

bubble2 bubble3 bubble4

With the benefit of a poly-sealed cup, theres little chance that you will spill the drink or mess your car. A gentle warning though – bubble tea is addictive and you could be challenged trying to suck out all the bubbles resting at the bottom of your cup.

I am certain you will be bowled over and in case you get hooked, make sure get one of their promo cards – and after buying five, you can get one FREE!

For those wanting to get on a bubbly adventure, Bubble Stations are also located at the WTC Mall and Mushrif Mall in Abu Dhabi.


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