The World Needs Nata

A visitor to Portugal, more specifically to the city of Lisbon, cannot leave without trying out the delicious Pastéis de Belém next to the Geronimos monastery. And it is a taste that lingers on forever.

Traditionally know as Pastéis de Nata, these scrumptious custard tarts are a famous Portuguese delicacy, that are now set to take at the world by storm.

The world (and certainly me!) needs Nata, and thankfully with the opening of Nata Lisboa at the WTC Mall in Abu Dhabi, my appetite for this wonderful pastry will be sated!

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Stepping out of the taxi under the pedestrian walkway that connects the two wings of the WTC, we were surprised to see Nata Lisboa – and so we walked in – and certainly felt at home. As a family we are passionate about all things Portuguese, especially the cuisine and it looks like this new specialty outlet will cater to that.

Donna Elena who runs the place was quick to point that they were not yet ready to open to customers, but she had to open earlier as customers kept walking in.

And its not just pasteis.. the quaint store, offers delicious soups, salads, a selection of sandwich boards (with original Portuguese bread),  fruit mixes, assorted pastries in addition to a selection of Portuguese specialties and souvenirs.

And there is the Bica – the Portuguese term for a “café” that is quite similar to espresso by rather smoother in taste. Served in a Demitasse cup, this aromatic beverage is a sumptuous and delectable treat that perfectly compliments any Portuguese meal. T

his café is an integral part of Portuguese lifestyle and likewise the Bica here can be enjoyed anytime of the day.


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