Tasting Korean…

For those who have great tastes (pun intended), but want style and comfort as well, Taste of Korea might appear a wee disappointing. But despite it otherwise threadbare settings, the warmth and approachable nature of the staff, and the cosy ambience certainly make you comfortable once you are seated. Whatever the case, the settings really do not matter because Taste of Korea is excellent value for money and always has a good number of Korean diners – which is always a good sign.

You hardly have time to go through the menu and the table is covered with an array of little plates – traditional Korean ‘banchan’ which includes various kinds of kimchi and other spicy pickings. The kimchi (spicy pickled cabbage) is amongst the best in town and the friendly staff were quite happy to get us some refills. While we gorged on the banchan, the friendly staff suggested we take  asset meal for two – my mind was set on bibimbap. And that was a big meal for two by all standards.

12036651_10153637015253351_8272811484742349437_n 12046954_10153637018498351_4911828305740726208_n

It started with a huge hot-pot rich with a selection of seafood and bubbling over right at our table. The dumplings were crisp and delicious and the barbecue was really succulent and juicy. And there was my favourite sticky rice that I cannot do without. The barbecue is traditionally eaten wrapped in lettuce with some sauces.

Taste of Korea is located at the penthouse of Eclipse Hotel (off Khalifa Street) near WTC mall. Although it may appear a little expensive, I think for a meal that is really enjoyable, Dhs. 200 is money well spent. We will certainly return, to experiment some more and enjoy Korean cuisine at its best!

‘Kamsahamnida’ to Taste of Korea for a wonderful evening.


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