Go walking on Augusta Street

If you have a quiet day in Lisbon, there’s nothing like taking a leisurely stroll down the Rua Augusta – a pedestrianised street located in one of the busiest quarters of the city.

This ever-buzzing street cuts through the centre of Baixa; its tiled thoroughfare flanked on both sides by parallel but narrower streets which in the past were streets dedicated to various trades like Rua dos Sapateiros (shoemakers), Rua da Prata (silver), Rua do Ouro (gold), etc.

Leading from the Praca do Comercio to the Rossio, the street is filled with cafes, restaurants, shops, boutiques and souvenir stores. For visitors the street offers access to the lower entrance to the Elevador de Santa Justa, and the magnificent Arco da Rua Augusta that opens onto the Praca do Comercio.

Most of the buildings were reconstructed by Marquês do Pombal after the 1755 earthquake, so many of the buildings are really old.

There are always street artists like living statues, musicians, jugglers and even peddlers for the world over selling items of wood, metal, or leather, tourist maps, souvenirs, sunglasses, paintings, t-shirts – anything that they hope the gullible tourist will buy.


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