Homing in on the right sign

Nothing sells without advertising, and every seller in today’s competitive world knows that a product needs to be pushed and made visible in your target market. And so, look at your advertising options…

Unfortunately, advertising costs big bucks, and again, the results are not always guaranteed. So why not get ‘street-smart’ and innovative and look at ‘free’ advertising options that could be available?

The rage on the streets today is ‘sign post-lamp post’ advertising. The advertising space  is available for free, the production costs are relatively low (just some photocopies and double sided tape), and the reach – well, that depends on who and where you need to reach!

If you are single, looking to rent a room or a bed space in a busy city, take a walk and look for the signs (pun intended) posted on sign posts or lamp posts specially at busy intersections. Keep your mobile phone on hand, and be quick to call and inquire. Good deals don’t wait for you.

Reading the sign may be a tad difficult at times as the little bit of paper may be half in tatters, or wrapped all round the pole. But that’s part of the adventure. Getting a little dizzy is not too much, if it ensures you get a cheap and comfortable place to stay.

And even if you are not looking for a place of lay your weary body, you could certainly get a good laugh reading some of the posts. “Are you worried???? Are you searching a beautiful accommodation???  Don’t worry I am with you.”



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