Gee… it’s a guitarra!

Al Ulya and its ‘guitar display’ tickled my curiosity… and so here is something I gathered on the three guitars on display (and I sincerely hope I identified them right).

Guitarra Portuguesa


The Portuguese guitar or Portuguese guitarra is a plucked string instrument with twelve steel strings, strung in six courses comprising two strings each and is most notably associated with the Portuguese ‘fado’. This guitar is used for solo music as well as accompaniment and its wide repertoire has made it popular in music festivals around the world.

Viola Braguesa


Also called viola from Braga, this Viola is typical of the Minho region. It’s played by strumming, with all the fingers covering the strings. The head is usually rectangular and slightly inclined and sometimes fan-shaped like the Portuguese Guitarra. The easel usually features intricate work. The braguesa has 5 double strings orders: the two most acute orders are tuned in unison, the three most serious orders are tuned in octave.

Viola Amarantina


Also called viola do Amarante, this two hearts’ viola is typical of the Douro Litoral region. It’s again played by strumming, with all the fingers covering the ropes. The mouth opening generally has the shape of two hearts and the head is generally flat, slightly inclined with respect to the arm, and with a rectangular shape, with a longitudinal slot and pegs.

And there are more… wish I could learn to play them!



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