Winter… Spring… Change…

By normal standards, my morning walk to work isn’t that long – 15 minutes at most with a dreary route that takes me walking along busy thoroughfares and through imposing city blocks, except for a little stretch of green lawns at somepoint. So sighting something different in this humdrum daily walk, was certainly refreshing. An they were…

A pair of White Wagtails (just confirmed their identity) flitting about a garbage kip which is usually an urban hangout for feral pigeons, doves and sparrows. I froze in my tracks, struck with amazement.

STOP! Pull out my cell phone, locate camera, aim, shoot. Its a good thing we have all these handy devices packed into an easily accessible ‘smart’ phone.

I must have created a strange sight myself, chasing these little birds on an otherwise busy street, with my phone in front of my face. Who cares! I got it.

And then I consulted my good friends in Google and some twitchers too… White Wagtail it is!

So who says walking through the city is dull and boring?

Excited, I decided to glean some information: The White Wagtail is mostly an aquatic bird, but can be seen in various types of habitats including urban parks and cities. This bird is common in gardens around human habitations. The most conspicuous habit of this species is a near-constant tail wagging, a trait that has given the species, and indeed the genus, its common name. The white wagtail is an insectivorous bird of open country, often near habitation and water. It prefers bare areas for feeding, where it can see and pursue its prey. In urban areas it has adapted to foraging on paved areas such as car parks. It nests in crevices in stone walls and similar natural and man-made structures. Interesting fact: The white wagtail is the national bird of Latvia.

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