Heritage Treasure Trove at Kalamazoo

The Heritage Company is not your typical tourist destination, but for those looking for something different (and the good chances of finding an interesting antique), its worth the visit. In its own quaint way, the unique store gives a visitor an insight into the rich architectural heritage of the area.

Established in Kalamazoo, Michigan in 1986 by Rodger Parzyck, the Heritage Company houses salvaged windows, doors, light fixtures, hardware, millwork, sinks, clawfoot tubs and much more – many going back to the early 1800s. So in that sense, every day is a different day at this treasure trove – and for us it proved to be more than an interesting day.

As much as the browsing through the store, the conversation was as interesting, especially our meeting with a restoration carpenter who provided us interesting historical information on the old houses in the area, and his contribution to their restoration.

We were certainly not keen on picking up a doorframe or a restored light fixture, but did find some interesting curios – a interesting piece of stained glass, and old brass crucifix, a yellowed mounted newspaper advertisement that my daughter fell in love with… we would have picked more if it wasn’t for our weight constraints while travelling.

I must truly compliment the owner for his interest in encouraging the preservation and restoration of local architecture, and I am certain that any restoration craftsman would find something of interest in thousands of pieces stored there. You could too!

Conveniently located on Edwards Street in Downtown Kalamazoo (Michigan), the 24 year-old store is open 11.00 am to 5.00 pm Tuesday through Saturday.


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