Ice… Iceland Baby, not Turkey!

It’s been a long dark flight… having taken off at  four that morning, no passenger is too keen to be kept awake. All windows are down. And after a while it gets to my restless self.

A stretch break is the need of the hour.

I wander to the rear of the aircraft and lo behold… as I look out of the window over the rear exit… it’s all ice.

The friendly hostess is quick to inform me that we are flying over Turkey.

Turkey?  We are almost eight hours into our flight from Abu Dhabi to Chicago. Shouldn’t we have done Turkey in some four hours?

“Nah! You see with the current “situation” we fly up north and then down again…”

Ah ha! So North it is.

Soon we have a happy crowd all chirpy and excited. Cell phones out… catch it on camera when you can (Don’t forget that cameras are now taboo on US flights out of the Middle East).

Interesting.. Iceland it is.. or could be Alaska? Could that be the North Pole?

Unanswered questions..only speculations. How silly… couldn’t we just get back to our seats and check the flight path on our TV screens?


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