Take home some Michigan art

I would have probably walked past Amy Zane, but my wife had it marked on her list of things to do while in Kalamazoo. Apparently, our son had got her a dainty pair of earrings at Christmas (from Amy Zane, that is), and she was hoping to find a necklace to match. Jewellery stores are not really a man thing, unless you are in one of those ‘wooing’ needs. To make matters worse, it was almost lunch – the best time to visit one of the more popular beer bars and sample something more exciting.

It was not to be – Amy Zane it had to be.

But the moment we stepped into the store, I forgot my thirst and gladly lost myself in the amazing collection of local art that the store & studio has on offer.

So what is Amy Zane really about? I pulled a line out of their website (amyzane.com) which I think says it best:
Amy Zane: Store & Studio depends on a stellar team of artsy individuals. Together their synergy has created an exceptionally alluring gallery in Kalamazoo where almost anyone will find a piece of art that speaks to them.

The unique store showcases the beautiful Amy Zane handcrafted semi-precious gemstone jewellery collections and creations of many prominent artists from the area. The collections include Jewellery, Woodwork, Metalwork, Painting, Textile Art, Glassware, Ceramics, Illustrations, Reclaimed Art and more.

Located in the Kalamazoo Mall, the store is the place to go to if you really hope to bring back a piece of Kalamazoo and Michigan, that could take place of pride in your travel memorabilia. Forget the jewellery all you macho men (though I wouldn’t guarantee that!) and go for it. There’s so much in there that you’ll be spoilt for choice. I lost myself in its collections, picked myself some fine pieces of art… until I saw the beer bottle cap creations…

I was late for my beer.

BTW, in case you can’t decide – ask Megan. She’ll make sure you find something perfect.


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